No Compromise Overdrives !

4L80E Valve Body Kit

Our valve body kit includes a new seperator plate, gaskets, valve body filters, and specific parts for mods.

We recommend installation during a rebuild for best results.

Remove valve body from transmission. Remove accumulator housing and existing seperator plate.
Remove "thimble" filter and remove roll pin from rear plug behind the manual valve. Use a long driver to push actuator feed filter and plug out rear of valve body.

Thoroughly clean valve body using solvent and compressed air. Re-install new filters, rear plug and roll pin, and then set the proper valve body gasket in place.
Set the plate on and use two 1/4" bolts to align the plate on the valve body.

Remove the two accumultor pistons from the accumulator housing. Tap the feed hole on the 3rd accumulator with a 5/16-18 tap. Clean the housing and pistons, install new seals, install the supplied set screw in the tapped hole. Re-install the pistons and install the housing as removed with new accumulator gasket.

Remove the alignment bolts, use assembly gel to hold the case to plate gasket on the plate.

Install the checkballs in the case as shown, ensure the intermediate servo is in place, and install the valve body.

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