No Compromise Overdrives !

ATTENTION!!! Parts sales to professional installers only. We no longer sell parts to the public.
The bare drum is $100. Drum assembled with new 34 element sprag, HD race, and spirolock ring is $250. Hot loaded with new apply piston, return spring assy, 6 High Energy clutches and new steels is $350. Quantity pricing available, call for details.

TH400 Smooth Inner Race Direct Drum Assembly with 34 Element Sprag-
Early style TH400 drum, quality inspected, new Borg Warner 34 element sprag installed, spiral retaining ring to prevent high rpm detachment. Install your piston, return springs, and clutches. $250 shipped within the cont. U.S. (compare to $350+ at big name vendors).

We also have the TH400 Super Drum assembly. It uses a sprag with 36 elements that are 30% wider than the traditional 34 element upgrade. We recommend this drum for 1000+ HP/TQ combos, higher rpm combos, and in some off road applications where sprag failure is an issue. We are making these in house now to save our customers money. The inner race is made of 8620 bearing grade material heat treated and pressed onto the drum. Frictions, steels, and pressure plate included.

We also offer an aluminum version of the Super Drum. It lightens the rotating mass and reduces the load on the sprag.

Pricing is $925.

TH400 Forward Hub-

We sell a stock forward hub that is machined to accept a torrington bearing at the critical direct drum mating area.
The direct drum spins approx 85% of engine rpm in reverse in low gear, while sitting next to it, the forward hub is spinning engine rpm forward. At 6000 rpm this is over 11,000 rpm differential. This is why we use a torrington in our builds.
Rollerized stock forward hub- $50
The stock forward drive hub needs attention anytime a transbrake is used or the power levels exceed 750 HP/TQ.
We sell a billet version that also incorporates the torrington bearing.
Rollerized billet forward hub- $150

We offer various gearsets. The most popular are our 2.10 and 2.75 gearsets. The 2.10/1.40 ratio gearset is used when the stock 2.48 ratio provides too much starting line ratio and/or the combo could use a closer ratio for less rpm drop on the gear change. The 2.75 ratio is great for heavier combos or offroad where more low gear ratio is desirable.

2.10 gearset is $1795.
2.75 gearset in 6 pinion heavy duty design is $950.

TH400 Output Shafts-
Passenger car and truck shafts differ as seen in the photo. The issue is when using a truck output shaft the regular slip yoke used on passenger cars loses over 1/2" of engagement and in many cases the driveline must be shortened a corresponding amount.
Be sure you use the proper output shaft for the application. The quick easy method of identification is look for a threaded hole in the end of the shaft. If the hole is threaded you have the truck shaft. 
We are able to machine the truck shafts to take the place of the hard to find passenger car shafts.
Machined output shafts are $50.
We also have other configurations of output shafts. Contact us for your needs.
TH400 Transbrake Valve body-
A high quality fast releasing TH400 Pro-Brake. It is our most popular valve body, excellent design with reasonable price. Reverse manual design with excellent release circuits. 
$350 shipped within the cont. U.S

Jake's Performance Exclusives!

New TH400 Valve Body Recalibration Kit
This kit is designed for the big power automatic shift combos. It not only improves the shifts, it makes several circuit changes that allow the transmission to live in an environment where most builders would recommend a full manual VB. Allows manual/automatic shifting, more direct clutch apply area, firmer shifts, eliminates 3rd gear pressure drop, intermediate clutch failure in big power combos, and excessive reverse pressure.
Intended for use during rebuild to save the builder time and provide greater quality to your rebuild. No need to clean/modify the stock plates.

TH400 Automatic Shift "Cheater" Transbrake
All new design transbrake that is activated by the shifter position. Great for use in a street/strip combo or where an electrically operated transbrake isn't allowed.
Allows normal automatic features when operated in the Drive position. Quick release design with additional features built in for bigger power cars.

TH400 Automatic Shift Electrically Operated Transbrake
Operates as a stock type valve body with automatic shifts and modulated line pressure. Engage manual low, hit the button and you have a transbrake. Built to order. $600

TH400 Forward Pattern Manual Transbrake with Safe Neutral (engine braking optional)
Another Jake's Performance exclusive. Built to order. $550

Griner CNC'd Billet TH400 Transbrake valve bodies.
Several options available from the standard G10 Pro-Tree design up to the spragless G25.

G10 is the valve body many have been judged by. 
It features super fast release, lighter weight than stock, clean sheet design.
Call for pricing and availability.

G15 is the clean neutral version of the G10. It allows shifting to neutral safely at the end of a pass to reduce load on aluminum rods or high rpm combos.

The G20XST or XAL is a spragless design. It eliminates the weakest part of a TH400 and makes it bulletproof at elevated power levels.
$1250 with an iron drum, $1650 with an aluminum drum. 

G25 is the spragless safe neutral design.
$1350 for iron drum version, $1750 for aluminum drum version.

We also sell the G35 design for the extreme offroad crowd. It eliminates the sprag but doesn't use a transbrake.
It is $1295 shipped.

TH400 Manual/Auto Valve Body-
OEM valve body and seperator plate cleaned, inspected, and modified crisp shifts and manual control of upshifts and downshifts into 1st and 2nd but retaining automatic features in Drive range.

TH400 Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body-
We offer a full manual forward pattern valve body for customers who do not want to run vacuum to their transmission and desire full manual shifting.

TH400 Reverse Pattern Valve body (iron core-
Reverse pattern VB for racing use.

TH400 Aluminum Competition Reverse manual valve body-

TH400 TransGo 1-2 Reprogramming Kit-
While we don't use the TransGo kit in our builds, it is an excellent performer in musclecars and hotrods up to 500 HP. It offers ease of installation for the DIY'er and is the only way to dual feed a TH400 without internal modifications. This is a major advantage of the TransGo kit over other TH400 valve body kits.

Pre-Installation in  valve body available, drop your valve body and plate, install the TransGo plate and pre-built valve body, bolt it up, and Go!
$150 for kit and pre-built valve body.

TH400 Output Shaft Torrington Kit-
The TH400 with helical cut planetaries thrust loads to the rear. This loads the output shaft to case thrust location tremendously in racing applications, particularly with heavier vehicles.
We rollerize the rear thrust in all of our builds. These parts are also included in our TH400 Rebuild Kits however we offer them seperately for upgrading other less complete kits. No machining required, near drop in installation. Rear endplay shims included.
Shown on top is stock selective 3 tang thrust washer and brass thrust washer.
Shown below is the kit.
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